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Someone Named Eva

Important Links:
                     * Lidice Memorial Museum
                     * United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Lidice, Czecholsolvakia

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the small town of Lidice, Czech Republic, and meet survivors of the June 10, 1942 tragedy.   It was a life changing experience.  These pictures tell part of the story. 

Remnants of the Horak farm, where 173 innocent men and boys were executed on June 10, 1942.

The empty field where the town of Lidice once stood.

The reverant space near the original Lidice site.  A space for reflection and memory.

Meeting with Marie Dolelazova, who was taken from Lidice when she was ten years old.  Marie spent time in a Lebensborn camp and was adopted by a German family. 

173 Lidice men and boys rest in this mass grave, where the Nazis buried them.

The only known memorial to children killed during war.  The figures represent the 82 innocent children from Lidice who were gassed because they did not meet the Aryan profile.

This beautiful scultpure was made by Czech artist Marie Uchytilova.  The children represent those killed in Chelmno, Poland.  They are not likenesses of the actual victims. 

On the day we visited, it was raining.  The rain made it look as if the statues were crying. 

This is an astronomical clock in the nearby city of Prague.  It was built in 1410.  Click HERE for a video. 

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was founded in 1439.  It is one of the few remaining Jewish cemeteries that was left intact.  Most others were destroyed by the Nazis.  This was left to serve as a "museum of the extinct race" after all Jews had been extinguised. 

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