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Set in 1880. Runs With Courage tells the story of a young Lakota child caught up in the changes brought about by her people's forced move to the reservation. 

     "What are you doing?"

      I heard the whisper before I saw Moon Awake.

     "I... I'm..,"  I stuttered.

     "Are you leaving?  Are you running away?"

     "Yes," I said, trying to sound braver than I felt.

     "They will bring you back," she said.  "Others have run.  And they have been brought back.  It is foolish to run.  It will only make things worse."

     "You can come with me," I said.  "We can go togather."

     For a moment, I thought she was going to agree.  But she shook her head no.

     "I can't stay," I said, trying to let those simple words explain evrything. 

     "And I can't go," Moon Awake answered with a catch in her voice, as if she was going to cry.  She touched my hand, then moved silently back into the dark. 

"Walking in the moccasins of Four Winds is an extraordinary journey.  Runs With Courage will both teach and inspire."


     -Sandra Dallas, New York Times best-selling author of Red Berries, White Clouds,   

      and Blue Skies, and The Quilt Walk.

"Ms Wolf's story, Runs With Courage, is both historically and culturally accurate." 


     - Ms. Jace DeCory, Assistant professor in American Indian studies, Black Hills State    


"Runs with courage is a wonderful story written with great empathy and understanding.  The reserach that Ms. Wolf did for this novel is apparent and I fell that she has paid the utmost respsect to the people of the Oceti Sakowin."

     - Dr. Ann Robertson, Native American studies teacher in the Sioux Falls School 

       District and consultant for the  Center for American Indian Research and Native


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